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What’s it all about

Alec’s Mug shotAlec’s warped view on the world of software and sometimes life in general. Over 25 years in IT and a lot  grey hair gives Alec the impression his opinion is sometimes worthwhile.
Pithy, germane, comments are always welcome.
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N.B. Postings on this site represent my personal opinion only and many factors specific to your environment may invalidate this information. You should check before relying on anything I say or quote here.


3 Responses to “What’s it all about”

  1. James said

    Hi Alec

    A friend from uni referred me to your site.

    Nice site. I liked the piece about UML, use cases etc .

    My buddy has just created his own Business Analyst blog, you know (use cases, what vs how, UML tips etc.)

    Regards, James

  2. Vachagotta said

    Google search “blackberry site:” returned a blank result. Maybe new geeks do not use blackberries anymore.

    So do you know about some app and/or workaround to sync Task Coach with Blackberry calendar? Even rumours or where to search would be appreciated.

    Pleased to meet you. You’re in my reading list from now on.

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